Network Leathers was established in 1989 and over the years our products have found a consistent market in most of the European countries , USA , Russia and Australia. In our 30 years of operations, we have closely worked with respectable brands , sometimes assisting them to establish themselves in the market from scratch . Over the years we have understood that for brands to succeed in the markets, consistent quality and timely delivery is a must and it is our constant endeavor to achieve this for all our customers.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in two of Kolkata’s prestigious leather hubs , namely Kasba Industrial Estate and Bantalla Leather goods Complex. These facilities give us a capacity to turn out 50,000 pieces of wallets , purses and accessories per month.

To this end, we are ably assisted by a team of 150 inspired craftsmen and supervisors. Our team successfully combines modern production techniques with authentic craftsmanship to deliver products which have found a lot of appreciation with end consumers.

Our Vision

This enterprise is a partnership between our vendors, workers and customers. Our core value Is to constantly organize close working of all the teams in order to deliver world-class products which ensure Value for money.


Our factory and workshop is spread across 20000 sq. ft. which is equipped with the latest machines . Jigs , dies and tools are an important part of our production, and we constantly upgrade them to improve the efficiency and quality of our production.

A team of 150 skilled craftsmen form our production team. Each department is manned by experienced supervisors, who comb through each and every aspect of production in order to turn out defect free products.

Over the years we have successfully combined international production methods with local solutions to keep our production consistent and efficient.

The Leathers We Use


What sets us Apart

Our wide range of colours truly stand out. One of our USPs is a our multi-colour palette with over 50+ colours

Every collection and piece we produce carries consistency in our manufacturing. We do not compromise on quality irrespective of the quantity

Our quality speaks for itself. Our long standing association with our clients is a testimony of our impeccable quality.

The range of products we produce; From men & women's wallets to sling bags, spectacle case, key chains, phone cases an laptop sleeves, have you spoilt for choice.

We pay a lot of attention to details. Each stitch and applique work for each product and piece is carefully looked into